Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The space era in boardgaming has begun!

Space Explorers is launched on Kickstarter!

Space Explorers was developed by Moroz Publishing and published in Russia by Crowd Games. The game proved extremely successful in Russia, and so we partnered for publishing it worldwide.

Now, Space Explorers has launched on Kickstarter by the US publisher of the game — 25th Century Games!

Space Explorers is a tableau building game for 2–4 players, ages 12+, and plays in about 20-40 mins. It is designed by Yuri Zhuravljov, best known for designing Viceroy, and is illustrated by Alexey Kot, well-known Russian artist.

Players are the head of their own Research and Development Hub in a Space Research Center. Your goal is to gather the best and brightest minds humanity has to offer, and complete large scale space projects.

Polish and French releases are on the way!

Video about Space Explorers:

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Supervillain — Russian Release and Other News

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! has been successfully delivered to backers in April–May and hit the shelves in the US and Europe in the end of May.

Concurrently, we were running a crowdfunding campaign for the Russian version of the game; it gathered 283 backers — an outstanding result for Russia! The game is currently delivered to the Russian backers. It hit the shelves in Russia on July 2, 2018.

Here in Moroz Publishing, we are very thankful to everyone who had supported us during the two crowdfunding campaigns and promise to deliver best board games of top notch quality to you in the nearest future!

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! will be exhibited in October at the Essen Fair in Germany and at other forthcoming cons and expos.

In addition, we are going to bring another amazing game — Space Explorers created jointly with Crowd Games — to the world market. Space Explorers was published in Russia a few months ago and immediately became a super-hit. We have no doubt that international players are going to enjoy it as well. Check our updates for more information on Space Explorers!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Villains Conquered Kickstarter!

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! has been a great success on Kickstarter!

  • The campaign has been carried out since September 6 and until October 5 2017 (29 days).
  • 828 Villains joined the campaign and pledged $30,806 in total!
  • 12 stretch goals have been unlocked!

We thank everybody who has joined us! These 29 days were truly awesome. The campaign results exceed our best expectations!

Late pledging is possible via PayPal in the next few months. Drop us an e-mail at moroz@morozpublishing.com for details.

Now, Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! is under preparation for printing and shipping!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Villains Invade Kickstarter!

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! is launched on Kickstarter. 

Follow the link below to enter the Asteroid mayhem and enjoy ultimate destruction.


Be prepared to take hits immediately upon entering, fuse your interplanetary cannons, don’t forget to take your anti-meteor-shower umbrellas, your beloved Villain’s evil cat, and whatever makes you a true Villain.

  • You are an ingenious and merciless Villain. 
  • Hundreds of millions of devoted Minions serve you. 
  • You build Secret Facilities to gain supreme powers. 
  • You launch Asteroids into miserable planets of other Villains. 
  • No superheroes inside! Only Villains struggling for control over the galaxy.

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! is an intense card strategy of galactic domination inspired by all the sci-fi worlds put together and fueled with frenzied humor!

Put your best Joker’s smile on. Be gentle, vile, and unpredictable. Enter with mayhem in mind.

Welcome Villain!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Galaxy Will Burn!

Unleash you evil nature and discover infinite combos with Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! – the next awesome board game that would see the light of day by joint efforts of Moroz Publishing and Rightgames.

The Galaxy is an unsafe place for a Villain of your kind. Over and over again your global domination ambitions get shattered into pieces — blame those fanatic superheroes for this!

Now everything is different. Former ‘guardians of the mankind’ have quarreled into pieces, squabbled, and perished into thin air. The horizon is clear, so YOUR time has come. The time of a genious and merciless Supervillain! Hm... actuallyjust a Villain yet.

You are an incredible Villain. You struggle for control over the Galaxy with other Villains. You build Secret Facilities that provide you with supreme powers and launch Asteroids to bring chaos and destruction to miserable planets of other Villains!

Hundreds of millions of devoted Minions serve you. They are your construction force and invaluable resource for covert operations! The only issue is that the Minions aren’t too smart. But under your wise leadership, they will bring you the title of the Emperor of the Galaxy and victory in the game!

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for the end of this summer. Charge your best Asteroids, friends!

Learn more details!

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Finally, the international web-site of Moroz Publishing has been launched. Hooray!!!

Currently we are developing a number of great board games that are to be presented to the world when the time comes. The site title image originates from one of these games, as you might guess!

Following our principle, we are not going to reveal much details until a game (or another product) reaches the completion stage. It's done when it's done. It was not us who had invented this principle (he did), or whatever you call it, we just humbly follow it.

Yet we expect to have something to share soon! Because soon it WILL be done.

More updates to follow. Stay in touch, friends!