Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine!

Intense card strategy of galactic domination inspired by all sci-fi worlds put together and fueled with frenzied humor!

  • 2-4 true Villains (5-6 with the second copy of the game)
  • 30-60 minutes playing time
  • 14+ years old
  • Approx. 20x20x5 cm game box
  • MSRP $24.99

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! was successfully funded on Kickstarter. 

  • Delivered to backers: April–May 2018.
  • Hitting shelves in the US and Europe: end of May 2018.
  • Hitting shelves in Russia (localized): July 2018.

Superheroes vanished. Now you and other Villains are struggling for control over the Galaxy. You build Secret Facilities to gain supreme powers. You launch Asteroids to bring chaos and destruction to planets of other Villains. Finally, you use billions of devoted Minions — your construction force and invaluable resource for covert operations!

Each card in the game is unique and may be used in multiple ways, thus, allowing for infinite combinations. Outwit other Villains, gain enough Domination points, and be proclaimed the Supervillain of the Galaxy!

  • 48 Domination cards
  • 43 Minion cards
  • 4 Reference cards
  • 12 Asteroid-proof tokens
  • 4 Charge tokens
  • Game rules (written by the best Minions!)
  • Overwhelming desire to conquer the Galaxy – one per player (not included into the game set)

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! is a joint project of Moroz Publishing and Rightgames RBG companies. Currently the game is published in English and in Russian.

© 2017–2018 Moroz Publishing.