About Moroz Publishing

Moroz Publishing is an American–Russian company. Since 2014, we are involved into the board games development and publishing.

Our purpose as a company is to promote best board games from leading Russian developers at the world market. The company adheres to the international quality standards – while preserving the unique features of the Russian game design.

Moroz Publishing maintains partnership with many companies both in Russia and internationally. We are working in close collaboration with Rightgames, Crowd Games, Igrology, and other great publishers.

Outside of Russia, we are known mostly for Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine!Swords and Bagpipes board game and Mechanical Dice Towers project. These products had been presented worldwide through successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2015–2017.

The main engines of Moroz Publishing (“moroz” means “frost” in Russian) are Denis Davydov, former editor-in-chief of Igromania videogames magazine and producer of several other Russian gaming and fantasy magazines, and Maxim Istomin, creator of Berserk TCG (1996) and plenty of other board games and founder of Crowd Games (Russia).


215, West College ave., #514
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Contact us at moroz@morozpublishing.com