Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Galaxy Will Burn!

Unleash you evil nature and discover infinite combos with Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! – the next awesome board game that would see the light of day by joint efforts of Moroz Publishing and Rightgames.

The Galaxy is an unsafe place for a Villain of your kind. Over and over again your global domination ambitions get shattered into pieces — blame those fanatic superheroes for this!

Now everything is different. Former ‘guardians of the mankind’ have quarreled into pieces, squabbled, and perished into thin air. The horizon is clear, so YOUR time has come. The time of a genious and merciless Supervillain! Hm... actuallyjust a Villain yet.

You are an incredible Villain. You struggle for control over the Galaxy with other Villains. You build Secret Facilities that provide you with supreme powers and launch Asteroids to bring chaos and destruction to miserable planets of other Villains!

Hundreds of millions of devoted Minions serve you. They are your construction force and invaluable resource for covert operations! The only issue is that the Minions aren’t too smart. But under your wise leadership, they will bring you the title of the Emperor of the Galaxy and victory in the game!

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for the end of this summer. Charge your best Asteroids, friends!

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