Mechanical Dice Towers

Along with producing board games, we always find time to get around the game table with our friends and play a board games. While playing, we prefer to have great accessories at hand. Those that improve game performance and make our overall experience more compelling.

That's how we have come to the idea to produce Mechanical Dice Towers.

Load dice, then push down on the stylish lever. BANG! Random results guaranteed, along with a privilege to use dice towers that you won’t find anywhere else!

The Orc Totem and the White Castle are the unique dice towers with a rotating platform. Unlike ordinary towers, you don’t throw your dice inside. Rather, you place them on a special platform, and let them loose with a special lever.

In addition, we’ve created MDT-7 — a compact collapsible dice tower. This one easily fits in your bag and takes just a few seconds to fold out!

The Mechanical Dice Towers had been introduced to the international audience through a Kickstarter campaign in summer 2016. Most of the backers have received their towers by the end of 2016, with only some late parcels arriving in January–February 2017.

We were delighted with the public appreciation of the towers, and are going to come up soon with some new original ideas of... let's call it "theme dice throwing mechanisms fueled with passion for board gaming"!

As usual, we are not going to make any announcements until we are ready to present you what we have created. It's done when it's done.